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Sleepon Go2Sleep SE


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The Sleepon Go2Sleep SE version offers a fingertip option for those who prefer this over the ring style. GO2SLEEP HST (SE) works with the same advanced software as the HST version.

Fingertip VS. Finger pulp

There are more capillaries on the fingertip than the finger pulp which makes sleeping data more stable.

The perfusion index is stronger when wearing on the fingertip compared to the finger pulp.

The fully wrapped design of the fingertip holder makes the holder stay fixed on your fingertip.

More stable

With the GO2SLEEP SE, you will have one more option, you can choose to wear our device on your fingertip which can improve the stability of your monitoring. We also updated the algorithm for the fingertip monitoring which you select the “fingertip firmware” in SLEEPON app.

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